Perimeter Security Considerations For Schools

Security for schoolsCreating a safe and secure environment is a top priority for educational institutions. With security breaches and threats continuing to rise, it is imperative that schools implement comprehensive security measures.

To reduce the risk of breaches and incidents, effective perimeter security is critical in the safeguarding of students, staff, and assets in educational settings. Here are some of the crucial perimeter security considerations for schools.

Secure entrances and exits

Limit points of access to the school, and secure entrances and exits with access control systems. Implementing access control systems that utilise a code, fob, or card, for example, to enter or exit the premises will help to prevent unauthorised individuals from entering the school.

Access can be granted or restricted based on roles, ensuring that only authorised individuals can enter specific areas. Access control systems can also make it easier to amend or revoke access, such as if a student or member of staff leaves, thus enhancing security.

Fence the perimeter

Physical barriers such as fencing can define the school’s perimeter and help to limit access. Install high-quality fencing that is tall enough to deter climbing, and has controlled entry points to reduce the risk of trespassing.

Install security cameras and alarms

Security cameras provide you with surveillance and footage which can be used to identify attempts at unauthorised access or break-ins. They also serve as a visible deterrent to potential trespassers, discouraging them from committing criminal activities.

Alarm systems can also act as a visual deterrent as well as an audible one. They can be set up to sound an alarm when someone accesses a school or area without authorisation, alerting personnel and drawing attention to them.

Install lighting

Proper lighting can help to deter crime by making it difficult for criminals to operate undetected in the dark. You can get lights with motion sensors that only come on when movement is detected within range of the sensors, which can startle and draw attention to potential intruders.

Plan and educate

Establish procedures for lockdowns, evacuations, and communication protocols. Ensure that your perimeter security facilitates swift exit in the case of an emergency.

It is important to educate both students and staff on safety and advise them on what to do in various situations and how to report suspicious activity.

By implementing these measures and improving perimeter security, you can help to create a safe and secure environment for students, staff, and visitors.

A comprehensive and well-executed perimeter security strategy is not only an investment in the safety of the school community, but also a commitment to the wellbeing and future of the students.

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