Flow control plates and how they can help your business

Simple, low-key and effective – they are just some words to describe flow control plates. Flow control plates are plates in or on the ground that can allow cars to pass over them one way, but not the other way.

Sounds easy enough to understand right? Well that’s because it is. Flow Control Plates are one of the simplest designs for security that you can buy on the market today with varying shapes, designs and colours to suit.

Sunken Flow Plate

Sunken Flow Plates are concreted in to the surface of the ground and are constructed from heavy steel which makes for a robust and stable product.

Its main purpose is to encourage mono-directional flow of traffic as well as preventing vehicles from travelling over it coming from the opposing direction. These flow control plates also have an inbuilt noise reduction barrier which prevents the nasty sound of crashing metal.

sunken flow plates 1                                                     sunken flow plates 2

Surface Mounted Flow Plates

Surface Mounted Flow Plates are mounted on top of a surface instead of being embedded. These are also suitable for controlling traffic flowing one way and not the other. They are most suited to sloped entry or exit roads and multi-storey car parks.

As they are bolted down to the existing road surfaces, they are a lot easier and faster to set up and install than the sunken models. In busy, crowded environments such as car parks they can be a key tool in preventing traffic from going in the wrong direction and causing an accident.

Product-Spec Sheet                                                     surface flow plates 2

Heavy Duty Surface Mounted Flow Plates

Heavy Duty Surface Mounted Flow Plates are the most robust of the three choices. They are simple, sleek and well-designed like the other choices, however they are also incredibly strong which means that they can withstand HGV traffic as well as regular vehicles.

Product-Spec Sheet                                                     heavy duty plates 2

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