The devastating impact of arson on businesses

light-flick-allumer-zippo-80307Of all the crimes that can take place on business premises, arson has the potential to cause the most damage. The impact of a fire can result in serious – sometimes irreparable – damage to your business premises. The knock on effect of which can result in financial losses, lost stock, damaged infrastructure and even permanent closure for your business. But how do arson attacks happen and how can they be defended against?

The impact of arson

A fairly recent example of just how badly a business can be effected is the blaze at the Barnsley warehouse of popular online clothing retailer ASOS. One of the fastest growing online retailers in the UK in recent years, ASOS prides itself on quick delivery times. A fire which broke out at their Barnsley warehouse effected several floors of their building and took over 60 fire fighters to bring under control. The damage that the fire caused meant that the business had to put the brakes on online orders for several days, losing an untold amount of money whilst they made repairs and tried to get their operations back on track.

How it happens and how it can be stopped

Arson attacks most frequently occur during the night time. While it’s absolutely vital that businesses have sprinkler systems and fire alarms installed, that should not be where your fire prevention ends. Arson attacks can often be prevented by a combination of good housekeeping and strong perimeter security.

A good place to start is to look at some of the potential risks around your property, of which there may be many. Flammable liquids and other materials that could be easily set alight should be locked away, including bins where rubbish accumulates. Windows should be secured, potentially with shutters to prevent objects being thrown through them, while letterboxes should be fitted with airtight metal containers that will limit fire damage should any lit materials be passed through.

The key way that you can prevent acts of arson on your property is to prevent the arsonist from ever being able to gain access. This is achieved through strong perimeter security equipment that deters opportunistic criminals as well as making it hard for even the most determined ones to be able to get into your property.

Why risk assessments are crucial

Every business is unique which is why a good perimeter security company will begin by performing a risk assessment.

A risk assessment highlights any potential areas of weakness and means that the solutions offered – whether gates, barriers, access control equipment or something else – are the solutions which will make a significant impact on the security of your premises.

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