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Common Perimeter Security Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Perimeter security is the first line of defence for any premises and is critical to protecting personnel and assets within a building or area. From fences to access control systems, these measures safeguard against unauthorised access and mitigate physical threats.

However, even with the best intentions, organisations often make critical mistakes that compromise the effectiveness of their physical security. Read on to explore common perimeter security mistakes and how to implement effective strategies to avoid them.

Inadequate Risk Assessment

The most common issue is an inadequate risk assessment to detect the vulnerable areas and threats on the physical side. Therefore, organisations may end up putting the resources in the wrong place, which can result in overlooked vulnerabilities.

In order to avert this situation, run a thorough risk assessment which takes into account such factors as location, surrounding environment, building architecture, and potential risks. While consulting security experts will help to get an unbiased and in-depth evaluation, you should also consider getting other perspectives on the problem.

Neglecting Regular Maintenance

Physical security features that include fences, gates, and camera surveillance are constantly patrolled to ensure their efficiency. Regrettably, some players in this arena fail to address this aspect which results in degrading infrastructure and the effectiveness of the security reducing steadily over time.

Create an aggressive maintenance plan that has regular inspections, fixes, and replacements along the way. Carry out frequent examinations of the fence line, illumination, surveillance devices and access control channels, and correct the problems as they arise quickly.

Poor Access Control Systems

Access control is a vital tool for allowing or denying people to get into buildings or restricted areas. On the other side of the coin, adverse design or ineffective installation can be a source of weakness and go against the entire security policies.

For instance, the use of obsolete and easily breakable technologies, an emphasis just on magic readers without two-factor authentication as well as the inability to terminate access for old employees or service providers are some of the typical mistakes.

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