Protecting businesses from catalytic converter theft

Catalytic converter theftA recent catalytic converter theft at a food distribution firm in Lincolnshire has highlighted the importance of perimeter security for businesses.

A theft of catalytic converters of 15 Mercedes delivery vans at a food distributor in Grimsby has had a damaging effect on their business. The food distribution firm suffered an organised and highly systematic raid on their business site in which catalytic converters from 15 of its vans were stolen.

The thieves used high power tools such as a battery-powered grinder to remove the converters from the vans. The theft resulted in the family-run business being unable to distribute their goods for a week and incurring serious financial costs in the tens of thousands to repair the damage done.

Thieves are attracted to catalytic converters found on vehicles due to the high prices that can be sought for the precious metals they contain – including rhodium, palladium and platinum which can be reused in jewellery, dentistry and even electronics.

Businesses such as the one in Grimsby are often targeted by professional gangs in the night due to their relative isolation in industrial estates – especially at night time. However, these types of crimes are far from unorganised and gangs will often scope out their targets in advance, so businesses which have strong perimeter security tools in place are less likely to fall prey to them.

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