The Advantages of road blockers and rising kerbs

road blockers

We all want to protect our businesses from crime and there are a great many tools out there to help us on our way. Gates, barriers, bollards and turnstiles are just a few of the resources that can help develop an effective security strategy. However, when it comes to meeting the challenges of vehicular traffic there may be other tools to consider too. Here we explain the benefits of road blockers and rising kerbs.

Managing Traffic

Gates and barriers should be the foundation of any worthwhile perimeter security plan. They help you to monitor and shut off access to unwanted vehicles and check over the credentials of your visitors before allowing them access to your site. But there may be other factors to think about here too.

Easy Access

For some sites, it is important to be able to maintain easy access to your site and this can sometimes prove to be a conundrum for businesses that simultaneously want to protect themselves from crime.

It might be that you operate in a customer-facing environment such as retail. In this case, you wouldn’t want to slow down the entry of customers or trade vehicles. This would have a negative effect on both trade, and customer satisfaction.

Even if your business is not customer facing, it might be important for you to maintain rapid access in order to meet targets and maintain your operations to a high standard.

There is a solution though. You can avoid negative feedback by keeping gates open during opening hours and using alternative tools such as rising kerbs and road blockers which can allow you to control traffic in specific areas – for instance by blocking off a loading bay.

Quality Protection

Allowing easy access is one thing, but for highly sensitive sites you may want to limit access as much as possible. Government buildings, financial institutions, data centres, and those working in defence all require a sophisticated approach to perimeter security.

Road Blockers, in particular, are a go-to for many high-profile organisations around the world looking to reduce the threat of unlawful access, and even terrorist attacks.

Hydraulic road blockers prevent vehicles from gaining access to restricted areas while simultaneously doubling up as a deterrent.

They are available in widths of 2.0 to 5.0 metres and three heights for varying security levels. 340mm height for cars & vans, 500mm height for high security & 800mm height ultimate security against HGVs.

A visually intimidating presence, road blockers are uncompromising in nature and can be fitted with yellow and black chevrons to send out a stark message to would-be intruders that you take your security needs seriously.

Terrorists want to impact the most devastation and disruption they can, and if they feel that your site is too well protected to have an impact then you may well no longer be considered a key target.

Gateway Automation provides a range of perimeter security systems to help businesses and individuals to secure their sites and also provides nationwide servicing and repairs to gates, barriers and other perimeter security equipment. To find out more, please contact us on 01522 68255 or take a look at our brochure which can be viewed here.

Keeping your business secure with rising kerbs and road blockers

Rising KerbThere are many measures available for controlling traffic and stopping unauthorised entry onto sites such as bollards, barriers and gates. But a very effective method, typically used for high security sites are the use of rising kerbs and road blockers. Here we discuss what they are, how they work and why they can be good for keeping your business safe.

What are rising kerbs and road blockers?
Road blockers (also known as rising kerbs) are an effective way of preventing unwanted vehicle entry onto your property and site. They are tough, reliable and uncompromising as well as extremely durable, meaning they are a great choice for many businesses who want to ensure their site is as secure as possible.

They are hydraulic operated which is an effective way of controlling them and also includes an emergency lower system incorporated into the design, meaning they will still be effective even if you temporarily lost power. 

Why are they useful?
Rising kerbs and road blockers are useful in many ways, the main being:

  • They are a robust form of security that is durable so they will last
  • They need minimum maintenance
  • They can be used in both manned and unmanned areas
  • They are a strong visual deterrent for intruders
  • They come in varying heights of 340mm for cars/ vans, 500mm for more security and 800mm for HGVs and ultimate security
  • They can be made in varying widths from 2m-5m depending on the size of your site entrance or car park
  • They can be controlled with proximity cards, token acceptors, keypad, intercom and many more making it flexible to suit your business needs
  • Optional extras can include warning signage, warning sirens or LED traffic lights, again all depending on your individual requirements
  • They are difficult to vandalise

Although road blockers tend to be a solution for high security sites such as military bases and government buildings, a range of other businesses who want to protect their site can benefit from using them as well, such as distribution warehouses or retail. If your business is vulnerable to a threat of vehicle attack, then a road blocker is the best solution for protection. Even if the vehicle is large and going at high speed, the road blocker will cause enough damage from the impact that the vehicle will stop moving.

To find out more about what rising kerb and road blocker options are available for your business, please contact us on 01522 682255 for a free, no obligation and feasibility survey to assess your perimeter security equipment.