What Are The Best Security Solutions For Shopping Centres

best security solutions for shopping centres

Shopping centres are bustling places that attract large crowds of people on a daily basis. Often the beating heart of a city centre, they are great generators of local commerce and trade, popular meeting points, and increasingly places to eat and drink too.

However, with so many people coming and going, it’s important to have a robust security plan in place to ensure the safety of both customers and employees. Here are a few security solutions that are commonly used in shopping centres:

Security cameras

One of the most common security solutions for shopping centres is a network of security cameras. These cameras can be placed throughout the centre to provide continuous coverage and can be monitored by security personnel in a control room. In the event of an incident, the footage captured by the cameras can be used to identify suspects and assist with investigations. While CCTV cameras can be effective in apprehending shoplifting or petty criminals, they require manpower or a ready police presence to enforce detection and capture.

Security guards

Another common security solution for shopping centres is the use of security guards. These guards can be stationed at entrances and exits, as well as throughout the centre, to provide a visible deterrent against crime and to respond to any incidents that may occur. Security guards can also be trained to identify and intervene in potential security threats, such as shoplifting or suspicious behaviour. One downside to security guards is the costs incurred by hiring manpower.

Access control systems

An access control system is a security solution that is designed to restrict access to certain areas of a shopping centre. This can include the use of access cards, fobs or biometric scanners to allow only authorised personnel to enter certain areas. Access control systems can help to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive areas, such as storage rooms, staff-only zones or back

offices. They can deter unwanted trespass, and high-level organised burglaries and also protect staff.

Security training

Another important security solution for shopping centres is to provide security training to employees. This can include training on how to identify and report potential security threats, as well as how to respond to emergencies. By educating employees on security best practices, shopping centres can help to reduce the risk of incidents and improve overall safety.

Intercom systems

Intercom systems can be highly useful in shopping centres. They can be used by both staff and members of the public to communicate across long distances. For instance, they might be used as an emergency call system to report serious incidents or accidents or used in a more logistical manner for helping to aid entry to specific loading bays, delivery areas or staff-only areas.

Gates and barriers

With so many outlets, shopping centres can attract heavy traffic from delivery goods vehicles. It is important that these areas are effectively shielded from crime by strong perimeter security systems such as gates, barriers and bollards. Not only to prevent shoplifting and organised burglaries, but also from the perspective of preventing terrorist incidents.

Overall, there are many security solutions that can be used to ensure the safety of shopping centres. By implementing a combination of these solutions, shopping centres can create a secure environment for customers and employees. If you own or operate a shopping centre then it is important to seek specialist advice on how best to protect your assets.

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How To Incorporate Access Control Into Your Perimeter Security

incorporate access control

Perimeter Security is an important aspect of protecting your business or property from unauthorized access. One way to enhance your perimeter security is to incorporate access control systems into your security plan.

What is access control equipment?

Access control equipment refers to a variety of tools that are used to restrict access to certain areas or zones within a location. These tools utilize modern technologies to provide security and peace of mind for business owners, their clients, and their employees.

Access control systems are designed to restrict access to certain areas or facilities by using various methods, such as access cards, biometric scanners, or keypads. Here are a few ways you can incorporate access control into your perimeter security plans:

Install access control gates

One way to incorporate access control into your perimeter security plans is to install access control gates at the entrances to your property. These gates can be activated using access cards, fobs, biometric scanners, or keypads, and can be programmed to allow access only to authorized personnel. Access control gates can help to prevent unauthorized vehicles or individuals from entering your property and conducting criminal activity.

Use access control barriers

Another way to incorporate access control into your perimeter security plans is to use access control barriers. These barriers can be activated using access cards, biometric scanners, or keypads. Access control barriers can be particularly effective at controlling pedestrian traffic and preventing unauthorized entry.

Implement ANPR

Access control software such as ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) is a tool that can be used to manage and monitor vehicular access to your property. This software reads number plates and cross-checks them against a list of approved visitors. By implementing access control software, you can have a comprehensive view of who is entering and exiting your property and when, and shut out any unwanted visitors.

Use RFD readers

RFID readers are a cutting-edge technology that can be incorporated into perimeter security strategies. These readers are connected to a network and can be installed at gates or certain areas of a building. When a token is held near the reader, the system checks if the individual is allowed access. If access is granted, a green light flashes; if not, a red light flashes. RFID readers can be particularly useful for reducing the need for physical security guards or limiting access to certain areas to specific personnel.

Radio Receiver

Another tool for controlling access is a radio receiver. Remotes can be linked to a radio receiver unit that can be placed inside or outside of a site, as it has a protective coating that can withstand various weather conditions. Additionally, the controls can be operated remotely, allowing you to open gates or garage doors without physically being at the location.

LED traffic lights

LED traffic lights can be utilised to enhance vehicular access control measures. These lights are often used for traffic control purposes such as at loading bays, weighbridges, and ports to safely guide visitors to a site. LED traffic lights can be paired with an automatic barrier that is activated by an illuminated keypad or intercom system.

Intercom systems

Another tool in the access control arsenal that can be used in several ways is an intercom system. They can be used as a tool to provide access to delivery drivers, staff and visitors, or used as a means of communication in large warehouses or units.

By implementing a combination of access control gates, barriers, software, and signage, you can create a secure perimeter and protect your business or property from potential threats.

Use access control signage

In addition to physical security measures, it’s also important to use access control signage to clearly communicate access restrictions to your property. This can include signs indicating authorized personnel only, or warning against unauthorized entry. Access control signage can help to deter potential intruders and to prevent unauthorized access to your property.

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