ANPR Camera System

Key benefits of accessGUARDIAN™
  • Deny access to blacklisted vehicles.
  • Control traffic flow in your private area.
  • Searchable database of all vehicles entering/exiting.
  • Save money on staff controlling a manual barrier.


Our digital ANPR Camera Systems, also known as accessGUARDIAN, provide the most robust and secure means of controlling entry, exit, and traffic flow within a private property. The ANPR camera has direct control over any barrier or automatic gate and can determine at a distance of up to 15 metres. If the vehicle is authorised/unauthorised the barrier or gate will be controlled automatically to either allow or deny access.

Traffic monitoring is a key feature of our accessGUARDIAN application. The ANPR camera logs the movement of every vehicle entering and exiting through the controlled areas, providing a searchable record of up to 25,000 registrations detailing the date, time, and location along with a high-resolution image of the vehicle.

The technology behind accessGUARDIAN involves direct communication with the eyeTRAFFIC server. This server stores information about whitelisted and blacklisted vehicles, giving accessGUARDIAN the power to make real-time decisions on which vehicles are permitted or denied entry.