Benefits of installing an intercom system

Intercom Systems

Our strategy towards perimeter security has always been to take a holistic approach. To look at a business’s needs in a 360 degree way and make suggestions that will address any weakness and vulnerabilities in their operations. One surprising recommendation that we might propose is that of intercom systems.

While intercom systems might make you think of outdated, rusty equipment on industrial buildings, the reality is that intercom systems have come a long way in recent years and now incorporate modern technology – such as control through the use of a mobile phone. Let’s take a look at how intercom systems can benefit your business in the modern-day.

What are Intercom Systems?

No matter the nature of a business, or organisation, there is always a need to protect and safeguard your employees from harm. This is why many businesses are once again turning to access control equipment such as intercom systems.

An intercom system (short for intercommunication device) is a stand-alone tool that can be used at almost any property or building. The two-way device transmits and receives audio/visual communications from one part of the building to another, allowing the person indoors to be able to talk and view the person outdoors.

Protecting employees from harm

Intercom systems remove the need for face-to-face, physical contact with a visitor. The employee can be tucked safely away in another part of the building, or even from the comfort of their own home with mobile access, and can still grant access to the visitor. This removes the risk of an unwanted visitor forcing entry once an employee answers their call, and viewed in the present light of Coronavirus can also limit their risk and exposure to potential illness.

Provide internal access control

Intercom systems are traditionally viewed as an externally fitted piece of equipment, but they can also be used indoors. For instance, in hospitals to prevent unauthorised access to a ward outside of visiting hours. Visitors can be viewed and vetted before being allowed to enter.

Reduce the need for door security

While some businesses will always need manned security for their doors, there are often instances where this can be scaled back or even replaced with intercom systems. This may free up funds to invest in other areas of the business, or other security measures.

Improve communications

With an intercom system, visitors will be able to identify themselves upon arrival and be directed to the appropriate department or zone of your building, which can be particularly useful in large and busy environments. If a visitor is lost, or has a question, and is unable to find a member of staff, they will be able to gain the attention of the employee attending the intercom who can help them. This is perfect for fast-paced, busy environments, or large, expansive sites. Specific bright red ‘Help’ intercoms can be provided for the sole purpose of attending to queries and questions.

Extend your hours of operation

24-hour access to your site becomes far easier and far more efficient with the use of intercom systems. Employing security personnel to control access can be costly, but with the use of an intercom system, you can extend your hours without the need to always have a guard on duty, as other employees may be able to respond to requests, either from another part of the building or remotely.

Track activity and timekeeping

Intercom systems can support your payroll needs, allowing you to log who arrives at your building, and at what time. This can be used from both an HR perspective, and also to aid your security investigations should something go amiss.

Support disabilities and access requirements

Businesses are becoming more and more attuned to the needs of people with specific access requirements. There may be areas in your building where a person may be in need and unable to attract the attention of passers-by. Equally, current legislation requires that commercial buildings of one story or more provide safe areas of refuge where someone who isn’t able to access fire escapes or evacuation lifts can call for assistance.

Our specialist refuge point systems are a form of intercom that provide two-way communication, allowing rescue teams or trained staff to quickly diagnose a situation and act as is appropriate.

A custom fit

Modern intercoms are flexible to your business needs and can be fitted with bespoke enhancements tailored specifically to you. Video surveillance solutions, biometric scanners, and two-way communications are just a few of the numerous options which are available with modern-day systems.
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