Standard and optional features:


Half height turnstile for internal use
304 grade stainless steel body or mild steel body which can be powder coated to RAL colourof choice
304 grade stainless steel lid
316 grade stainless steel arms
Can be easily integrated with railings/barriers providing the same look and feel throughout the desired area


Manually operated arms
Available as mechanical only unit or controlled in either or both directions
Can be controlled via any access control unit which gives out a volt free contact (supplied separately)
Free rotation on power failure or activation of fire alarm
Can be alarmed with under or over sensors
Unlocking mechanism adjustable from 2-32 seconds

Order Information

All controlled units are supplied complete with Push Button (Foot Pedal operation is an available option). Other control methods by quotation only. If controlled unit required, please specify controlled direction, for example controlled entry / free exit. Please specify at time of order if left hand or right hand unit.

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Our extensive range of turnstiles have a compact and elegant design combined with a cost effective & superior reliable operation. Making it the ideal choice for providing effective access control in areas where previously security had been desirable but the associated aesthetic implications had been unwelcome or prohibitive, whether it is in retail sites, industrial premises, offices, transport, airports or leisure centres. We have the designs available that can offer a flexible approach to perfectly balance the issues of security, aesthetics and ease of use. This turnstile offers the benefit of being more affordable that the prestigious Premier model due to its simpler lines and construction yet still projects the image of an elegant, robust and uncompromising unit.