The benefits of access control equipment

Protecting staff and your property should be a key concern for all businesses, whether small, medium or large, and therefore it is important to consider security measures. If your business premises are currently only secured with locks and keys for the doors, it is likely that your doors are not secure throughout the working day. This common scenario increases the chance of an opportunist robbery.

clip_image001To control premises security more effectively, access control equipment can protect both your buildings and your assets. There are a wide variety of access security systems available, for example push button access controls, biometric fingerprint readers, keypads and proximity devices. Each system provides a different level of security and additions can be easily made in the future to meet your business requirements.

Biometric fingerprint readers are arguably one of the most secure access control systems available. This is largely because the person requesting access has to present their finger-tip to be authorised. The biometric fingerprint system dramatically reduces the risk of unauthorised access because it removes the need to memorise a password and eliminates the chance of theft or loss of access cards/fobs.

clip_image003Proximity Cards are commonly used in universities, colleges and car parks. They are used in the same way as contact smart cards but can increase the level of speed and convenience of use because they are contactless. These cards are becoming increasingly popular for both physical and logical access control applications. Logical access controls are used in IT to grant access to users and physical access control equipment would typically involve a mechanical lock and key system.

At Gateway Automation Ltd, we have looked at how to further strengthen our range of high quality, low cost equipment with access control equipment. We have developed a range of access control equipment to suit ranging from key pads and push buttons to video intercoms and fingerprint recognition systems.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises. To get us to assess your security requirements, please contact us here.

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Preventing unwanted vehicle access

Installing an automatic rising bollard, kerb or road blocker provides an effective solution for preventing unwanted vehicle access. These vehicle security measures can be used in both manned and unmanned vehicle access points and are an effective deterrent against the most determined intruder. There is a choice of vehicle prevention systems available, depending on the level of security required.

During your decision process, it is important to consider the kind of vehicles that might require access to your site as this will predetermine the type and the size of the automatic obstacle needed.

Automatic BollardsBollards are a simple but effective solution for dealing with lower security risks. Our GA7276H automatic bollards have been built for optimum performance and intensively tested to ensure reliability for over 3000 movements per day. In the event of an emergency or power failure they can be lowered manually and 4 bollards can be operated simultaneously by a CDS dedicated control unit. Additional features include LED lights as a visual alert, built-in audible warning signal and an obstacle detection censor which stops the bollard being raised if an object is detected above.

Rising KerbAutomatic rising kerbs are built for strength and reliability. Manufactured from welded rectangular hollow section frame and chequered top plate, our GA8000 Automatic Rising Kerb is available in widths of 2.0 to 5.0 metres and three heights to suit cars, vans and HGVs. For the smooth raising and lowering of this rising kerb an advanced hydraulic power pack is used and is programmable through a state of the art logic controller. Using this technology ensures minimal maintenance and a reliable longevity.

Road BlockerIf your site requires a higher level of security because of the threat of potential terrorist attacks you should consider installing a road blocker. Choosing a road blocker which has been successfully crash tested is a vital consideration when selecting a product. Our GA10000 Shallow-Mounted Road Blocker received a 100% pass rate and a “0” penetration when tested at Mira (Motor Industry Research Association) and was still functioning after impact. When fully raised, the height of this road blocker is a formidable 1050mm which is operated by a hydraulic 7.5kw power pack and the controls are designed to accommodate all types of access control.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises to assess your security requirements, contact us here.

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Controlling pedestrian traffic

clip_image002Regulating and controlling foot flow through entrance and exit points can be managed by a turnstile system. This effective pedestrian-managed solution also cuts down on the need for manned monitoring.

So which turnstile system would be suitable for your site? There is a choice of systems available, depending on the level of security required. Here we give you an overview of our turnstile range and the application suited.

Full height turnstiles
Full height turnstiles can be fitted into a perimeter security system, which can be effective for creating staff checkpoints as well as managing pedestrian traffic. Suited for external use, full height turnstiles are used within industrial and commercial properties, and can also be found at amusements and sporting facilities.

Half height turnstiles
clip_image004Half height turnstiles, also known as waist-height turnstiles, are an effective solution for controlling pedestrian traffic in public areas. Turnstiles can be configured to work with limited space to guide visitors or employees in the correct direction, in addition to protecting secured areas.

Half height turnstiles are an ideal solution for offices, libraries and leisure facilities, and can be controlled using a range of methods incorporating existing access controlled areas, as well as monitoring staff and visitor movements.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises to assess your security requirements, contact us here.

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Job Vacancy: Skilled & Semi Skilled Gate & Barrier Engineers

Gateway logoDue to continued expansion an opportunity has arisen for SKILLED & SEMI SKILLED gate & barrier engineers to join Gateway Automation Ltd.

You must have previous knowledge and experience of Gate Automation systems and Access Control systems. Experience of Welding would be beneficial. You will be involved in installations of new systems, retrofit and fault finding so experience is essential.

Job Overview
This field based role will be a demanding role, working under pressure and to strict deadlines. You will have the responsibility of installing new Gate Automation Systems or undertaking the maintenance of existing systems, working individually or as part of a team as required. Fluent English both spoken and written is a must as you will be dealing with residents and customers and delivering detailed and accurate reports to the Office.

An ideal Service and Installation Engineer will hold the following skills and experiences:

* Must have previous experience within the Gate & Barrier industry 
* Valid UK Driving License.
* Knowledge of Door Entry Systems / Access Control Panels / Door Automation systems would be beneficial.
* Fluent English spoken and written is a must.
* Live within 30 miles from our office (LN6 post code)
* Have good knowledge and understanding of Health and Safety aspects related to any gate/ door automation
* Act responsibly and with necessary care for himself, the property of others and his team

Salary is negotiable depending on your experience.

The working hours will be 42.5 hours per week, Monday to Friday, 08:00 – 17:00. Overtime will be available.

You will also be provided with a company vehicle, fuel card, mobile phone, uniform, Health and Safety training, in-house training on company products and 28 days paid holiday inc bank holidays.

To apply please email your CV to or call Alex Indans for an informal chat 01522 682255.

Why your property will benefit from intercom security

clip_image002Internal communication systems can go a long way to helping your business or home more secure. The type which suits your needs best depends on whether you need to admit visitors regularly or if it’s simply a closed site.

Anyone can walk into your property if you have an open door policy, the risks of which could pose a direct threat to your home or business, with you being unaware of who is in your building at any time. To prevent this, many companies or home owners choose to fit door security. Using an intercom system will manage who you give access to, enabling you to be aware of who is on your property at any time.

There are different models of intercoms out there; audio intercoms and video intercoms are generally the models that are more popular and effective.

clip_image004Intercoms don’t just improve security, they can also be used around the property to communicate. Another benefit of intercom is that there is no need for a receptionist to be at front of house at all times.

By increasing the security of your property potential insurance costs could also be improved by taking into account the lengths you have gone to protect your business or home, and acknowledgement of precautions being taken to prevent the targeting of any property and equipment. View our intercom systems here.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises to assess your security requirements, contact us here.

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Managing traffic using sunken flow plates

clip_image002Sunken flow plates are a cost-effective method designed to manage mono-directional flow of traffic, encouraging one-way flow of vehicles and the prevention of vehicles entering if travelling from the opposing direction.

This simple yet effective system of vehicle management allows an alternative method of traffic control without the need for on-site management. Sunken flow plates are ideal for car parks, goods-loading yards, bus lanes, one-way directional traffic and the prevention of residential areas being used as rat-runs for non-residential traffic.

The steel construction is activated by the vehicle, working on a pivot which self-returns to its original upright position. The box section is embedded into the ground, whilst the gravity operated rising plate allows a vehicle to pass over in one direction only – as soon as the vehicle has cleared the box, gravity ensures the immediate return of the restrictor plate to the raised position again.

Gateway flow plates have built-in noise reduction buffers to ensure quiet operation, preventing the metal crashing back into position.

Surface flow plates are available in two formats: sunken flow plate which is built into the road, and surface flow plate which are bolted to the road surface so no excavation is required.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises to assess your security requirements, contact us here.

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Risk assessing your premises

clip_image002[4]Crime threatens all kinds of premises, whether it be business or residential, with criminals finding ever more sophisticated methods of breaking and entering.

An integrated approach to the security of your premises is essential these days, so a risk assessment will help you identify any potential threats you could be victim to and the likelihood. With this in mind its always advisable to identify your premise’s vulnerabilities and the potential impact of exploitation.

Consider what your current security measures are like, and whether there are processes in place to support protection of not only the premises but any employees or residents within the property. If you need to introduce additional security measures then make it more cost effective by planning wherever possible: introduce new equipment in conjunction with building work, in multi occupancy buildings, such as shopping centres or business parks, try to agree communal security arrangements.

Look at the access areas of your premises, make sure that they are adequately lit and secured, and where necessary install CCTV. Protect windows and doors with strong locks, or look at shutters or grills can be installed. For any communal parking areas look at fitting security gates or barriers, they can provide an extra layer of security in order to prevent illegal entry to business or residential premises.

Crimes are constantly changing with criminals finding more sophisticated methods of breaking into premises, so ensure that your security methods remain up to the challenge and carry out regular audits around the property.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises to assess your security requirements, contact us here.

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Choosing gate security for your premises

The methods we use to keep our premises safe and secure are limitless. Door locks and alarms may not be as effective as we want them to be any more, so alternative methods are now being used to ensure we stay protected.

Security gates can suit commercial, public or private premises, enhancing the security of property by adding a physical barrier without ruining the surrounding aesthetics. For example, living or working in remote areas can cause us to be anxious, however a security gate is a great solution for controlling who is able to come and go.

clip_image002Most break-ins are the work of opportunists so knowing that your premises are secure and that you take property security seriously can go a long way to deterring most. Security gates don’t just keep intruders out, they can also work to keeping children or pets in, for example.

Here are some of the options available:

Swing gates

Whilst the most simple form of gate security, swing gates are also the ones that have been around the longest. The requirements for installing a swing gate require enough room and free space to facilitate the arc sweep of the gate, as well as level ground so that the gate won’t catch. See our range of swing gates.

clip_image004Sliding gates

These are more space efficient and can cover larger openings or entrances. More secure than swing gates, sliding gates retain a rigid structure and therefore more difficult to force open or be breached by vehicle impact. See our range of sliding gates.

Bi-folding gates

Also known as speed gates, bi-folding gates can open and close in less time compared with swing or sliding gates. Similar to the sliding gates, the bi-folding gates take up less clip_image006space and are ideal for high levels of traffic where it’s important that the gate closes after each vehicle passes through. See our range of bi-folding gates.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises to assess your security requirements, contact us here.

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The benefits of barriers

Security barriers go a long way to providing an extra layer of security to prevent the opportunistic thief from entering your business or residential premises.

There are a range of barriers out there to suit most premises, each with their own features to suit the purpose. Here we offer a rundown of the three main types of security barrier.

clip_image002Automatic barriers

These can generally be found in car parks, using a rising arm to regulate and restrict vehicle access, and are ideal for residential or commercial areas. Control of the automation can be managed by security guards on site, CCTV for visual verification, proximity cards or tokens to allow only verified personnel, or simply via a push button. More on automatic barriers.

Height restrictor barriers

clip_image004Height restrictive barriers provide an ideal solution for the prevention of high vehicles entering unauthorised car parks. Suitable for warehouse, construction sites, garages, buildings or any facilities with restricted access, these barriers will deter larger transit vehicles from entering premises illegally.  More on height restrictor barriers.

Manual barriers

The manual barrier provides a more cost effective solution for commercial or industrial premises, helping with parking control, traffic management or securing premises. clip_image006Controlled by a security guard, the manual barrier is also good for areas where power is not readily available. These can then be locked into position during opening or closing hours.  More on manual barriers.

With property crime accounting for 70% of all police recorded crime this year, read more on crime against business premises and ways to prevent it.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises to assess your security requirements, contact us here.

Crime against business premises

image_thumb25255b125255d-6097591Property crime accounted for 70% of all police recorded crime in 2013/14 (source: UK Statistics Authority),  and 82% of all crime covered by the 2013/14 Crime Survey for England and Wales. Criminals are continually on the lookout for clever ways to rob honest, hardworking businesses so how can you limit the risk you face?

Property crime is defined as incidents where individuals, households or corporate bodies are deprived of their property by illegal means, or where the property is damaged. It includes offences of burglary, vehicle offences (theft of vehicles or property from vehicles), bicycle theft, robbery, shoplifting, fraud and criminal damage.

With crime rates on the up, businesses need to look at basic security measures, here are some considerations to improve the security of your business.

Carry out a risk assessment

First place to start is to identify where you are most vulnerable and carry out a thorough assessment of areas that could be targeted.

Secure your premises

Strengthen doors, fit window locks and install security lighting. Where access points are vulnerable install CCTV. Consider whether shutters or grill should be installed as these are an excellent way of deterring burglars.

Fencing and gates should be strong and well maintained, whilst access control systems can be fitted to prevent unauthorised access.

Fixing bollards, barriers or rising kerbs in the entrances around your premises will protect against ram raiders or unauthorised vehicles, as well as safeguarding vehicle parking areas. They can also simply help with traffic control, directing traffic through an area in a controlled manner.

Gateway Automation can provide free, no obligation quotes and feasibility surveys for your premises to assess your security requirements, contact us here.