Why your company should consider turnstiles


Turnstiles – simple, effective, but often overlooked. They are a fundamental part of many successful large-scale sites such as sporting arenas, factories and airports, but equally at home in hotels, gyms and small business places. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that turnstiles never seem to go out of fashion when it comes to perimeter security measures.

1 – Security management

Turnstiles are often deployed at venues and facilities to manage access. Turnstiles can be full-height or waist height which means that they can be adapted to different circumstances – but generally, they retain the same end goal: to prevent unauthorized access and keep unwanted visitors out.

Turnstiles are tough, autonomous, and hard to breach. While full-height turnstiles offer a floor-to-ceiling system that is particularly difficult to exploit, even waist height turnstiles attract attention of passers by or security monitoring systems should someone attempt to bypass them.

2 – Cost effective solutions

Turnstiles can be a cost-saver for many businesses. Take a gym for example. Many gyms now offer 24-hour access to clients to meet the needs of those with unsociable work hours. By installing turnstiles that are operated through passes and fobs, they can reduce the need to employ staff on expensive nightly wages and instead rely on the physical barrier that turnstiles provide.

3 – Attendance measuring

Turnstiles are not only used to prevent admission, they can also be used to better facilitate and monitor it. By using turnstiles at sporting venues, receptions, or amusement parks – you can better monitor who and how many visitors attend your site each day and collect valuable data that can help you streamline your operations.

4 – Payment and sales

Turnstiles can be fitted with all manner of access control equipment and operated using fobs, keys, tickets and pin pads. For sites that are looking to reduce manpower costs, or those that operate outside of core hours, this can be a valuable tool for providing a seamless entry for customers.

5 – Visual deterrents

Perimeter security is as much about nuts and bolts effectiveness as psychological games. The steely imposing look of turnstiles sends a signal to criminals that entry will be difficult, and may have them asking questions about what further equipment you have in the interior of your property. Opportunistic by nature – many criminals will decide their time is better spent elsewhere.

How to choose the right turnstile for your business

If you’re interested in installing a turnstile at your premises then it’s important to seek professional and experienced advice.

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