How to Secure Vacant Properties

vacant properties

Vacant properties can be like a moth to a flame when it comes to attracting criminal activity. Almost every city and town in the UK has unoccupied premises that have been blighted by vandalism, flytipping, and other nuisances. However, these crimes can often snowball – leading to serious criminal damage, theft of materials, and even arson. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can safeguard an empty property.

How to secure a property that is only vacant for a short period

Properties can become vacant for many reasons. While some may be awaiting sale for a long period, others may be simply closed for a short amount of time – such as for refurbishment.

When any property closes its doors, this typically results in less footfall around the site, which means a greater risk/reward ratio for would-be criminals as they are less likely to be caught in the act.

An easy way to avoid unwanted attention is to make it appear as if your site is occupied when it isn’t. This might be a case of using security or triggered lighting, making regular trips to your site, or avoiding posting information online about your closure.

How to secure a property that is vacant for a longer amount of time

For properties that are out of use for a longer amount of time – it pays to think carefully about your security planning and to keep up appearances.

Keeping your property well maintained by cutting grass and clearing away debris, and making regular visits to deal with postage are simple strategies that you can employ. You should also turn off gas, electric, and water supplies that could be abused by trespassers.

However, for most long-term vacancies, it pays to secure your boundaries in the strongest way possible. You can use anti-climb paint to warn of intruders, and install heavy-duty gates or barriers that make site access difficult both on foot or in a vehicle.

Criminal gangs have been known to target empty properties for theft of scrap metal and other precious materials. However, these gangs will rarely approach on foot, and as such restricting vehicular access should be high on your agenda. You can achieve this through tools like road blockers, as well as heavy-duty gates and barriers.

If you own a property that could become vacant soon then security planning should be high on your agenda. Here at Gateway Automation we regularly assess properties for risk making sure that they are adequately secured and recommending any ways that we think security could be improved. Call us today on 01522 682 255 to discuss how we can help to keep you safe


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