Automatic Security Gates- How to Choose

Choosing automated gatesWhen it comes to automatic security gates, there is a lot to choose from. To ensure you are making the best decision for your business premises, it is vital that you ask yourself the following questions. Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be happy knowing that you have perimeter security that will suit your exact business needs. 

What is the current traffic level of your site?
Start off by asking yourself how many people are currently exiting and leaving your site and how regularly they are doing so in a 24 hour period. Consider the figures for both off-peak and on-peak times so that you get an accurate number to work with. 

Is this level of traffic likely to increase in the future?
If one of your business goals is to grow, then you will need to consider how this will impact the level of traffic on the site. If you are spending money on the investment of automatic gates, then you should think ahead to ensure they can cope with future levels of traffic. This saves you having to replace the gates a short time down the line. 

How do people access your site?
Is the entrance where you are wanting the place the automatic gates the only entrance to the site? Are people only arriving in vehicles or will there be some people arriving on foot? If the latter is true, then consider whether you should have turnstiles installed alongside the gate for easy pedestrian access and safety.

What style is the property?
Although the most important aspect of an automatic gate is that it provides sufficient security, it is also key to consider how the gate will look aesthetically. You need to ensure that the gate matches the style of the building and doesn’t look out of place. The exterior of a building is what makes the first impression for building, therefore the look of the gate is just as important as it needs to complement the rest of the site.

Do you want the gate to swing or slide?
Both are a popular option but often depend on personal preference and the specific site in question. Swinging gates obviously take up a lot more space, so you need to ensure you have this space available. If you do not, then sliding gates will be better. Whichever you decide, you need to ensure there is enough room for vehicles to fit through. Be especially considerate if you need delivery trucks and vans to fit through. The decision will also depend on what your traffic flow is like. If you need the gates to open on a regular basis, then discuss with your provider how quick each type of gate takes to open and close as this will aid the decision.

Do you need access control?
A great way to enhance your automatic gate is to install access control equipment as it adds an additional layer to your security. You can use keypads for entry to voice or video intercoms. This decision ultimately depends on your needs and your budget but it is still an important thing to consider.

How will you maintain your gates?
Having your security gates installed is only half of it. To ensure they remain in peak condition and provide you with robust security for a longer period, you will need to have the gates maintained on a regular basis. Choosing a manufacturer and installer that also offers servicing and maintenance gives you peace of mind that the automatic gates will be kept working correctly.

Automatic security gates help ensure that your business site remains secure and gives you full control on who is entering or exiting the premises. The questions above are just a few things that you should bear in mind. Thinking about these considerations can help you decide exactly which gates are suitable for the site, leaving you with peace of mind that your site will remain secure and protected from vandalism, theft and more.

What’s Next?
For more information on how Gateway Automation can help keep your premises secure, please contact us on 01522 682255 for a free, no-obligation quotation and feasibility survey to assess your perimeter security equipment.

Maintaining Perimeter Security- Why it is important

Maintaining Perimeter SecurityHaving strong physical security is really important for businesses, especially if they put perimeter security measures in place as a priority. However, once the perimeter security is installed, it is not finished. Maintaining perimeter security to ensure it remains fit for purpose is an ongoing process that goes way beyond the initial installation. Here, we discuss the importance of maintaining perimeter security.

Once your business has invested in high quality, robust perimeter and other forms of physical security, it can be easy to think the job has done. However, if the security is not regularly maintained, it can cause significant problems down the line.

In order to ensure that the security remains as strong as possible, it is important to carry out regular site audits. These audits tend to be carried out on foot and explores all the possible risks.

During these on foot inspections, issues can easily be spotted. Although a business may be active in keeping their security maintained, there are some elements that will be out of their control but could jeopardise their security. For example, weather damage can be a common cause of security damage as overtime corrosion can take place or cracks can occur.

Before gates, barriers and turnstile are installed, they will, of course, go through significant testing to ensure they are sturdy and provide sufficient security. However, as with anything, over time the quality can slowly diminish if it is not maintained with care.

Every now and then, businesses should get all of their security inspected. This inspection will include checking the equipment in detail, testing it robustly and repairing where possible. All of these actions will help ensure that the security lasts for much longer whilst providing the same level of protection until the next inspection takes place.

By inspecting regularly, businesses can avoid unexpected faults which can cause larger problems. Although there are costs associated with inspecting and repairing, these costs can be significantly lower than those companies may incur if they do not maintain their security at all.

It is also vital to have security in the best possible condition to comply with a business’ insurance. If security is lax due to not taking enough care maintaining the quality of the security could lead to any future insurance claims being denied.
It is important to recognise that installing perimeter security is not enough. Not only should a layered security approach be taken and mix perimeter security with other forms of physical security such as access control equipment and CCTV, it is just as vital to maintain perimeter security. If businesses fail to do so, they could end up with repair issues that are expensive to fix, or, worst-case scenario, end up with significant security breaches which will be even more costly in the long run.

Perimeter security is the first line of defence for many companies. Therefore, if this is not maintained at a high standard, it can compromise the rest of the security system and not only put the company’s building and contents at risk, it can also lead to potential dangers to staff. It is imperative to choose someone who is qualified to carry out these inspections on the businesses behalf. 

Gateway Automation is proud to not only offer manufacturing and installation of perimeter security systems but also offer a range of servicing and repairs to clients to ensure their security remains as strong as possible.

What’s Next?
For more information on how Gateway Automation can help keep your premises secure, please contact us on 01522 682255 for a free, no-obligation quotation and feasibility survey to assess your perimeter security equipment.